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Exceptional project created in Slovakia

Fully self-service sauna

Access 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year

Option to buy your own container sauna

Our favorite place , amazing atmosphere !!! Cleanliness !!! Of course relax ! Thank you we love to come back and never regret it 🙂 …



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Gift Card

„Delight your loved ones with a gift voucher.“


Gift Card

„Delight your loved ones with a gift voucher.“




How to reach us and where to park

The information needed to get to us and where to park will be given in the instructions after booking. These instructions will automatically arrive to the email you provide in the booking form.

What I need to bring with me

Customers are advised to bring flip-flops, slippers or other light footwear.

Also, please remember your own water and be sure to drink. We would recommend drinking up to 1.5 litres of water per person while in the sauna.

This sauna concept does not have a relaxation room, so you can relax on the terrace, unless you don’t like the cold, you can also bring a blanket to wrap yourself in between sauna cycles.

Is there a shower?

We are a sauna that symbolizes a return to the real sauna culture, so there are no showers, instead you can cool off in the lake between sauna cycles.

We also ask visitors not to use shampoos or shower gels in the lake under any circumstances.

Can I make a reservation if I am under 18?

You can only make a reservation if you are over 18 years of age, however, persons under 18 years of age can enter the sauna, but only if accompanied by a responsible adult.

Can children also sauna?

It certainly does. But shorter time is recommended (about half the time of adults) and of course the children should stay on the lower bench. It is a good idea to teach the children to breathe in the so-called chamber and to prepare a themed story for them or to bring a board game (e.g. a memory game).

Can alcohol be consumed in the sauna?

There is a strict ban on the consumption of hard alcohol or drugs in the sauna; alcohol raises blood pressure, which can cause dizziness when sauna bathing.

Can I cancel or change my reservation?

Yes, reservations can be cancelled 24 hours prior to the booked date or changed 12 hours prior to the booked date. Please refer to the link included in the briefing email for cancellation or change of booking.

What is the optimumal temperature?

The ideal temperature for sauna bathing in a sauna with a wood-burning stove is 85°C. By watering the stones, you will achieve a higher humidity level, which will give you an increased feeling of warmth.